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Kinetic Crested Cockatoo

jumping cockatoo.JPG
Kinetic Crested Cockatoo:
Human Powered Art in Unexpected Places

Catch a glimpse of this magnificently oversized cockatoo as it cycles throughout the City this March. A cockatoo for two, this kinetic sculpture is a two-person, pedal-powered bird bike built from recycled materials by emerging artists Travis Bullock and Constance Titterton. Gaze up into its inquisitive eyes, inspect the hidden feathers of the tail and take a look at the mechanics inside the iridescent body as this cockatoo takes flight in Canberra's Civic, Braddon, and Acton districts. Enjoy Cosmo's iridescence illuminated at night as part of Enlighten's events around the projections on the Sydney and Melbourne buildings!

This project was supported by the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority's City Grants program and theCity of Sydney through their Creative Fellowships Fund.

Follow our moves or check out the Calendar of Events Below!


WHEN.                                                                    WHERE.

Friday March 5th             7:30-9:30pm                    Sydney and Melbourne Buildings (Enlighten)

Saturday March 6th          7:00 - 9:00pm.                Sydney and Melbourne Buildings  (Enlighten)

Wednesday March 10th    6:00-8:00pm                   Lonsdale St, City Walk, Garema Place

Saturday March 13th       2:00-4:00pm.                  City Walk, Sydney and Melbourne Buildings

Sunday March 14th         10:00-12:00 noon            Lonsdale St, Haig Park Sunday Markets

Wednesday March 17th   6:00-8:00pm                   Lonsdale St, City Walk, Garema Place

Saturday March 20th       12:00-2:00pm.                Lonsdale St, City Walk, Garema Place

Sunday March 21st          10:00-1:00pm                 Pedal Power ACT - BIG BIKE RIDE

**Keep an eye out for the Cockatoo as it gets from place to place! You never know when or where you'll see this magnificent bird bike! 


We are excited to see you out and about. Please stop and say hello to Cosmo our friendly Cockatoo

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